Applied Digital Studies Final Project

Hello and welcome to my blog! For this post I am going to be discussing the social media page called @umwinsider which I created for my final project for Digital Studies 395.

In order to complete this project I worked over 40 hours throughout the semester, some time was spent in class but the large majority of the project was done outside of class. I thoroughly enjoyed this course because I learned so many new skills and techniques on Video, Audio and Graphic Design. I am thrilled with the progress of this project and I cannot wait to see where it will inspire other students in the future.

This is the link to my timelog:

The tools I did not know how to utilize before this project include; canva, adobe suites, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. Moreover, I learned how to utilize cameras, sound boards, speakers, microphones, and different colored backdrops (green screen). What was most tricky for this project was the video/ interview process. Scheduling, and following through with interviews was tedious because people have so many differing schedules and interests. From topics they wanted to discuss, to quotes they wanted to include in their interviews (both positive and negative) were demanding on my part to organize into the content.

The purpose of this Instagram page was to utilize a modern platform of media in order to provide outsiders the “inside scoop” / “the tea” on what its like to be a UMW student. I think it served its purpose and it definitely intrigued current students to participate. I had initially planned on recording 3 interviews but ended up recording 4, and posting 3 graphic designs based on quotes. Interestingly enough, I ended up posting images on a regular basis of things on campus that UMW has to offer, night classes etc. On top of this, I posted a few polls and interactive quizzes which followers loved to engage with. I think the project would’ve reached more audiences had I posted more interactive formatted quizzes/polls etc.

Overall, I am proud of this project and I wish it would’ve gained more followers, but I am pleased with my effort and time invested into it.

Interview 1:

Interview 2:

Interview 3:

Interview 4:

Thank you for reading my blog.

Danielle Erika