12 Star’s Worth

  1. 3 stars for the spiders!

With this story let me clarify this spider was most definitely as scared as I was. Once upon a time, there was a lonely, yet friendly spider who happened to come across the house and bedroom of a young girl named Danielle. This young girl Danielle was up late one night reading a mystery novel in the Nancy Drew series. This friendly, and lonely spider by the name of Harrold wanted to snuggle with Danielle that day. He had run across her feet as she was running in her large backyard playing soccer with her siblings. He had spun a web next to their kitchen window as Danielle was enjoying some delicious lunch. So once it got dark outside and the kids were called inside, Harrold jumped on Danielle’s dog and caught a ride upstairs to her room. About 2 hours of reading go by for the young girl when Harrold shoots his shot. He goes crawling very slowly up her bed sheets and eventually skids right across the opening of Danielle’s book as she was reading. She immediately see’s Harrold, slams the book shut trying to kill him. Harrold then realizes, his desires to cuddle were no longer a mission. He barely escapes the slamming pages of Danielle’s mystery novel and jumps off the bed and books it down the stairs. Skidding away with his life. Phew!

So yes this is an excellent example of my imagination! I hope that spider wanted to just cuddle and not lay eggs in my bed! LOL, Harrold was lucky to get away.

2. Haiku’s for 1 star please!

Guess the movie! 5, 7, 5

Sigh, which guy? Which guy?

Vampires and Werewolves oh my!

Charlie is gonna die.

Twilight anyone? LOL I know its an acquired taste.

3. Tell it? or Tweet it? Short story for 3 stars.

Leslie is a terrible driver. She assumed it was because she was only taught how to drive an automatic car, so she tries to learn how to drive a manual car. So she signs up online to be taught at a public school through the communities website. Leslie shows up to the driving program class, and it turns out the instructor is a professional hockey player and he buys everyone new 6-speed manual cars. One day during this 7 day driving program. Leslie and the instructor Greg end up pulling over for lunch, they begin to hit it off and the conversation has clarified that they are both single. The class ends, Leslie and Greg exchange numbers but don’t reach out to one another for months. A few more months go buy, Greg reaches out to Leslie, they have an excellent dinner date where he proposes. She initially says yes, later says no, then changes her mind a few more times. 2 years down the road, Leslie and Greg have 3 kids with twins on the way. Leslie gives birth, to 2 beautiful baby boys. They face challenges like potty training, and pets passing away. But their biggest challenges; were teaching their children how to drive. LOL.

4. Fortune Cookie dreams for 3 stars!

Initially when I put in a fortune it told me “Tell them what you really think. Otherwise, nothing will change.” and the next was “your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded”. Initially these two phrases were very fitting for me, they were exactly what I needed to hear. But lets see where this goes.

My mother says to me everyday, “Tell them what you really think. Otherwise, nothing will change.” Everyday, she tells me that. Like its a tattoo that you can’t get removed or covered up. She repeats it over and over. Like a child who repeats the same question. She has tried to instill this concept and practice in me since I was a child. She says use it in the workplace, in school, with friends, with relationships. Finally I did it. I finally began to use this concept and the toxic friendships and relationships have been removed from my life, and I have been so much happier for it. So thank you for this fortune. My mother also says, in timing, your hard-work and sacrifice will be rewarded and actions speak louder than words. Growing up and especially in college this phrase has been repeated and written and heard a million more times, again this fortune and the first fortune were extremely fitting/exactly what I needed to hear. That’s my narrative.

5. Superhero lifestyle for 2 stars!

My name is Jupiter Girl and in my daily life I fly a lot. Its insane and amazing. In the morning I take care of myself, shower, workout, eat etc. I wake up to a theme song and it sends a jolt through my system. Duty calls when my symbol is in the sky or my phone sends a certain code. When I’m living on planet earth I save mostly humans, but today I saved an entire animal shelter. All of my superhero work is after my job, at the animal shelter. This job knows I have this “side hustle” where I will have to leave in the case of an emergency. Yet, only select people know who I am and when I have to go. I love my job but I will only stay here if it stays up! Someone lit the animal shelter on fire so I’m assuming my identity has been suspected. I will have to re-locate about a state away and protect my hometown from a distance. Yet, also protect myself from my enemies. They never give up. No matter the time of year.