80’s Celebrity Analysis Week 1

For this final project, unfortunately I was not able to organize a group project with everything going on. That being said, I decided to pursue an individual project in which I utilized Design, Video and Audio programs. All concepts that we learned this semester. I am so excited for you all the see the final product because I really enjoyed this project over all the projects we participated in this semester.

For many reasons, but most importantly I love having freedom of choice and flexibility in our project. I enjoyed seeing how far I could take my creativity and where I found inspiration for my project.

Below is a quick preview of what my final project will look like for week 2 of 80’s Celebrity Analysis. I am an extremely organized and proactive person so this post was enjoyable for me since I had already planned out and organized my approach to this project.

For this project I created a brief timeline of Michael Jacksons important moments in his lifetime, including personal events as well as career driven events. I utilized Microsoft powerpoint for this.

Next I downloaded videos from youtube into iMovie and edited them to analyze performances of Michael as a child in the Jackson 5 then as an adult in his music video Thriller!

With these files I uploaded them/imported them to iMovie and began to input transitions and titles as well as editing the sound in order to fluently compile the information and videos together.

All things considered, I enjoyed listening to Michaels music while doing this and reading into his life more than I had growing up listening to him. It is tragic to remember his death, and to remember him from his achievements.

I utilized this link to download the videos :


I utilized audacity to convert and edit any and only a few of my audio files. Also I utilized iMovie to finalize my project then I shared it from iMovie to my youtube channel. From there, I embedded my YouTube post on this blog post.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Danielle Erika