Animation with Danielle

  1. Web Assignments (3 Stars): Guess my story
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Narrate the process: I went through YouTube and looked for college related images, videos, or pictures. Then copied the URL into and created my five GIF’s.

Explain my thinking: All college students can relate to this, and the emotions and actions of these memes/gif’s.

Course theme: This first GIF of the cat dancing to the strobe lights reminds me of the drug exploration in the 1960’s which highlighted a bunch of issues for current college students. Their parents (at least my parents) were born in the 60’s and were exposed to these harsh drugs and HUGE partying scene growing up. So by the time they were in their 20’s and older they began to explore these differentiating products. Some became addicted and some did not. Some of these parents also were not able to pursue a college education, so for the first generation college students these Gif’s are for you.

So comment below with your educated guesses….

What’s my story?

2. Alternative History Image (Design Assignments 3 stars):

Narrate the process: I have always wanted to study abroad while in college. Unfortunately my finances did not allow that. So I chose a specific location as to where I would like to go and that it would be interesting to edit the photo into something unique. I chose The Eiffel Tower. Next I chose an image of the Amazon forest Fire and it was impressive. The colors, the lines, the plants, and the clarity of the image (initially) was impressive. I planned to overlap them and see where it took me. This was my final result:

Explain my Thinking: I researched some online photo editing sources and chose Gimp (as recommended by the professor), downloaded it and had a difficult time using it. So I canned that idea and referred to This website was easier to utilize and edit the picture. I watched some YouTube tutorials on how to accomplish different tasks as well. It is very useful for an individual that edits photos frequently.

3. Fanfic Assignment; Creating your own Character (5 stars);

Character Name: Lillian Parker

  1. Personality:
    1. Hard working
    1. Flexible
    1. Understanding
    1. Self-less
    1. Quite
    1. Intelligent
    1. Athletic
    1. Introvert
    1. Her mom
    1. Her boyfriend
    1. UMW
    1. Major
    1. Food
    1. Nature
    1. Exercising
  3. Appearance:
    1. 5’4
    1. 130 lbs
    1. Brown hair/ brown eyes/ olive skin
    1. Tone physique
    1. Size 7 shoe
  4. Dislikes:
    1. Coffee
    1. People
    1. Animals
    1. Kids
    1. Video Games
    1. Liars
    1. Pettiness
    1. Childishness
    1. Gossips
    1. Stupidity
    1. Ignorance
    1. Cockiness
  5. Their place in their world: Lillian is a hometown southern young woman. Only 21 years old. She is the talk of the town. Her mother is the president of the local college. Lillian is a legacy and her mother has left her huge shoes to fill.
  6. Backstory: Lillian is a young college student at the University of Mary Washington. As a senior at UMW she is scrambling to graduate on time and find a job. But guess who her mother is…. the President of the University. Thus, meaning she has plenty of opportunities for a career at the University. When she has spoken to her mother about it she has not once said she is not interested in an opportunity there so its not closed off. Born and raised in Stafford County Virginia, she loves the area where she grew up and cannot imagine moving away. Yet, the man she is in love with just moved across the country to Arizona. She is crushed over this and wants to be with him more than anything.

Narrate the process: When looking into the Assignment Bank I struggled to find something interesting that I would be good at. I am excellent at imagining and coming up with characters. So I chose Lillian Parker.

Explain my thinking: I enjoy to focus on the future. Or goals I can reach, things I can obtain, or accomplish. By creating Lillian, I was able to entertain myself with those thoughts.

Course theme: Throughout this semester we will be looking into the 80’s decade for inspiration and clarification on our current life styles. So by creating a character I was able to compare my current life style to what I would dream I would rather have my lifestyle be. This coincides with the decision to give my character an easier life than I do.