Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad: How Radio Creates Empathy

In this video the speaker highlighted the elements and influences of the radio and the idea of co-author ship/co-imagining. He is speaking and the listener is holding the paint brush to visualize and better understand what they are listening too. This is a potential for empathy, because of the gap of having no images with a radio. He feels these techniques are rooted in the human voice and thus creating relationships, and empathy. Radio is supposed to have already died, but it is still extremely successful. Provides intimate experience.

Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad: Digital Shamanism and Old-Fashioned, Newfangled Storytelling Magic

Believes his storytelling career is similar to a shaman, by creating a circle of connection to their listeners/ to induce a dreaming state between people. Through their use of technology and noises it enables a lot of elements to their stories. He prefers speakers to use their voice to enable this “dream state”. He credits technology for being able to synthesize sounds and elements of everyday life. He enjoys taking words and creating “landscapes” of sounds and noises.

From Moon Graffiti by the Truth Podcast:

The beginning sounds and bleeping sounds is diving the listener into the situation. The dialogue between two astronauts creates a more intimate experience. Explosion changes the mood of the scenario. The next segment immediately changes to the radio podcast by Richard Nixon about honoring the two men on the moon called “the moon disaster”. This speech was in case Neil Armstrong and his partner Aldrin did not return from landing on the moon, luckily they survived. I love when they transfer into their helmets and they are speaking over their com’s. These sounds and changes in location and experiences carries a change in mood as well.

From Abumrad’s ideas such as taking a word said by someone and altering it to add new noises is exemplified through the conversation between the men on the moon. In these conversations, you can hear the depths of the trust, reliance, and intelligence between the two men. Their deep breathing, slow pace of talking to fast pace of talking. Comments they make to one another, makes the listening experience much more engaging and heart wrenching.

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