Classmates and Comments

This first post was created by Sophia Romano, a 5th year psychology and education major! I was intrigued by the title of the post because I love the movie and didn’t know who or what “Ren” referred too. I love how short and sweet her post was, I enjoyed how clearly her thoughts were put together as well as the sharp contrast between the two images.

This is a post written by Mckayla Washington, a member of the same Fraternity that I am in, so I had to read at least one of her posts. Although the post was short and sweet, I loved the image, her thoughts on it and the celebrity (Madonna) that she chose to focus her concept/assignment on.

My final comment for this week was on a blog post about Sushi, Kollin Carter’s dog! The title sucked me in, but at first I assumed it was the same project I did, but unfortunately it was not. I wanted to learn how to edit my comments section (the font type) on my blog so I am interested in learning how to do that from my classmates!

Thank you for reading my blog.


Danielle Erika