Classmates and Comments Week 6

Comments, comments, comments filled with creative and constructive criticism.

Initially when I saw this post I assumed it was the TV show, Riverdale. But the chalkboard and the shining ring threw me off. The jacket has an ‘S’ on it for South Side Serpents, but I could not figure out the 3rd icon. I was drawn to the post from its title and the creativity that consumed the page. I wasn’t able to figure it out and I showed it to a friend who also couldn’t wrap their head around it. So well done.

I couldn’t figure this one out either. I liked how she formatted the title, it provided intrigue and mystery. I also was surprised that she used a different website than what I utilized for this project. I also liked the different layout she chose to provide a variety.

For this blog, I wanted to focus on something other than the Four Icon’s project. I chose the Favorite Animal project done by someone else in this class. I loved the image that she drew and how good she is at drawing.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Danielle Erika