Classmates and Comments

This week I am starting my work early because I have gotten through my other work in order to dive deep into this week. I will embed my comments on other people’s work below.

The first post intrigued me when I read the title. It was the perfect length and structure to convince me to click on the link and read it. This was an excellent format of the blog post. Specifically, I was interested by the way they had the words shift around the image. It provided the blog with length and made it fluent. I was inspired to learn this skill.

This second post also really intrigued me with its title. Very short and sweet, thats how I like it. Also once I opened the link, the title on the top of the page was “electric”. Blue and purple are also my favorite colors so I had to read it. 

Although Kollin Carter says poetry is not their strong suit, I thought it was excellent. I could not have worded that better. I was VERY impressed. As seen in my comment. 

Thank you for reading.


Danielle Erika