Design Blitz

For this project I chose; color, metaphors/symbols, minimalism, and dominant.

Color: For this part of the blitz, I wanted to find palette and try to create a small variation in colors. This was a project I did last fall semester in one of my art classes, so creating a color palette online was so much easier and enjoyable.

  • metaphors/symbols: What are best practices for using symbols to represent objects, things, ideas? This symbol is three symbols (gender neutral symbol) combined. The most popular is the plus sign on the bottom, representing the female gender. The next symbol on the top right meaning the male symbol and the top left representing transgender or a transformation of the two genders.
Image result for popular symbols
  • minimalism & use of space: this was an ad we went over in my Communication 340 course. I think this is extremely effective, the pear is available year round hence the metaphor of the fruit wearing a knit sweater and the caption under it. I love the lighting and the focus of the pear in the center of the image.
Image result for minimalist ads
  • dominance: The object given the most visual weight, the element of primary emphasis that advances to the foreground in the composition. For this image I chose to submit an image of my rugby team from our most recent game. In the image our unity/uniforms are very intimidating (not with us smiling) on the field/ in the game.

Thank you for reading my post.


Danielle Erika