Danielle as an Animal

For this assignment, we were working on how to write up assignments and how to create intriguing material. Thus was born myself; Danielle as an Animal. What inspired this title was the characteristics of my personality that I believe these animals represent.

The Zebra: I chose the Zebra for the body because of its distinct stripes, and their speed. I ran varsity track and field for 6 years, making me relate to the speed of the zebra. I related to the stripes of the zebra because I have a unique look the soon to be extinct ginger “breed”.

The Rhinoceros: The head of the Rhinoceros only seemed fitting because I am an extremely stubborn, difficult, and challenging.

The Rooster: Lastly, I chose the legs/behind of the Rooster because they are skinny and little. Alot of people have told me I have a very petite physique and build. So this example was extremely interesting.

The steps I took for this assignment were reading my homework off of our class DS 106 website, then reading into the specific article on how to write a successful blog. Lastly, I found this website “Switch Zoo Online” to create a visualization for this project. I thoroughly enjoyed this project because it was simple, unique and very engaging. I love to do research into concepts that promote unique thinking/ critical thinking.

Below are the details on each of the 3 animals to create me:

I chose this topic because I love animals. I love everything about them and I cannot imagine my life without them. Also, I love my personality and in the past four years have become very comfortable in my identity, so to describe myself in a unique way was extremely fun for me.

This project means/gave me another perspective to view peoples characteristics and personalities. There are elements to respect, admire, or to hate.

I made this assignment to further develop my skills with technology and trust my Professors directions in this process. To reach the goals I want to accomplish.

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