DS 106 Things

What do you think of the theme?

This introduction to the theme for this semester has me on edge as to how were going to dive into it and utilize it to guide our learning experience.

Are there examples of it that you particularly like?

I loved all the examples provided by my mother and my own personal research. I am extremely engaged in the Netflix show on the 80’s, it makes me feel closer to my mothers generation. I love the clothing they wore and how they themed there television shows, advertisements, actors/actresses etc. It’s incredibly unique.

What do you think we can do with the theme?

I think this theme will expose a lot of our generations current interests and potentially an insight into where we will be moving towards next in a cultural context.

What would you like to do with it?

I would like to utilize this opportunity to learn more about that decade in comparison to other decades and what makes it so remarkable.

What can we, as a group, make out of it?
As a group, we can use it for a learning experience. We can learn to respect, or better understand individuals who lived in this era.

What were the 80’s like? 

After doing research this week there are a few elements that differentiate the 80’s decade as its own. My first thought was to speak with my mother. She graduated from Stonewall Jackson High school in 1984, a few years later she owned and managed a million dollar salon, her first home, and began her family. In my mind, this is where my story began. The culture my mother was raised in and lived in while she grew up transformed her into the woman I am today. Our current culture is extremely similar to the 80’s. There we’re drastic changes in the 1980’s in the television sector, similarly that there are drastic changes in the television/ media culture today. Today we utilize websites to filter our careers; this includes YouTube sensations, online companies, online schooling, and even working from home. The 1980’s is our current inspiration for change, growth, acceptance etc. From the increase in talk shows, to dramas such as Hill-street Blues, Miami Vice, and childhood classics such as Full House. Currently, television shows have become a resource to hit controversial topics, such as racism, sexism, gender and other conversation starters. I think our generation is extremely inspired by the 80’s decade.