Final 80’s Celebrity Analysis

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my final project for this course. For this assignment I chose to analyze a list of 80’s celebrities as listed below. These individuals come from a variety of spheres. Including, acting, singing, and dancing.

Example of the format of iMovie.

Work in progress

I chose to analyze the lives of:

  1. Madonna
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. Winona Ryder
  4. Cyndi Lauper
  5. Michael Jackson
  6. Molly Ringwald
  7. Olivia Newton John
  8. Anjelica Huston

Singers: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson

Actors/Actresses: Tom Cruise, Winona Ryder, Molly Ringwald, Olivia Newton John, and Anjelica Huston

Dancers: Madonna, Michael Jackson

For this task I chose to utilize audio, video, and design techniques and programs that are listed below.

For this assignment I utilized; audacity, youtube, iMovie, iPhone voice-memos, emails to myself, and conversion websites.

I chose to analyze the biographies of these renown individuals to provide credibility, and depth into their character. I enjoyed learning about individuals that I had not previously been exposed too. Specifically Cyndi Lauper. I recognized her song from Miley Cyrus’s remake, but failed to recognize the origin of the song. Moreover, I was shocked with some of the information that I learned from my research, I spent approximately 8-10 hours working on this assignment in the HCC Audio Editing Lab; the place has become my second home this semester.

For future students, I would recommend taking a similar approach to the assignment as I did. In my head I pre-planned what individuals I wanted to research and discuss. Then found useful and relevant information to include in the video. Also be sure to pick performances, and scenes that interest you and/or that get you excited or intrigued. It makes the assignment much less stressful and engaging. I loved this class and I will miss doing assignments similar to this one, this course has taught me skills that I genuinely enjoyed practicing and putting to use.

Below is the link to my final assignment:

Thank you for reading my blog.


Danielle Erika

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