Images and their impacts on Storytelling

This assignment was rather unclear to me on where I should start and what all I needed to do. But I did my best and I hope its been done correctly! I read two articles: and

The second like inspired me to look into celebrities in the media from the 1980’s, so I looked into images of Madonna in the 1980’s; here are a few I liked.

Image result for madonna 80s

This image especially the far right image of Madonna licking the lollipop is an excellent example of the sexual revolution in this era. Licking a lollipop transformed from a treat to a sexual reference….how interesting is that. I guess we (partially) have Madonna to thank that for. But these images also changed my perspective on how to capture images and the right moments. The far left image seems as if it is in the moment or a “candid” photo of Madonna in the beginning of her career. The middle image I found interesting because the top she is wearing is extremely popular for our generation of women to wear out as a “going out” outfit. These differentiating perspectives all overlap with the other points we were asked to research and understand this week. The black and white contrast, the perspective, the balance (closeness to her face in the far most right picture), to the lighting in the images and how clear they became. These elements influence the message of each image, the first one like I mentioned is a candid or in the moment photo. The second image is most definitely posed, or focused on her body, and the last image is highlighting the sexuality of that time period.

After reading the articles and looking to Madonna for inspiration I edited an image of myself to see what I could come up with.

For this edited image I chose to slow down and capture myself before rushing off to work. I slowed myself down and took a picture from the opposite angle of what I usually take and it came out amazing. I love how strong the contrast is in these two images and two different instances of editing it. I changed the contrast making it much more faded / or washed out and it highlighted my light skin tone and dark features.

This is my initial edit when I posted this on social media, usually I like to bring out my freckles to darken my skin tone and pull out the rich color of my hair and eyes. Which I think this edit does an excellent job of doing.
I really like this edit! I love how the contrast highlights the lighter colors in my hair, my eyes, and how light my skin tone is. It also highlights how my skin gets washed out or blended into my surroundings if it is very light outside.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

Danielle Erika