In-Depth Analysis of my blog

Here I am responding to my own blog efforts. Here I am interacting with my classmates as well.

The first blog post I was intrigued in is “Blast From the Past”. It inspired my musical choice, for our daily create project. It began a spiral in my brain of all of the 1980’s music that I was raised on. From Michael Jackson, to Whitney Houston. I also enjoyed this post because of its enticing title. I love titles that are very simple yet straight to the point. I enjoyed how she directly clarified the directions and intention of the post. I am inspired to continue to be very straight forward similarly to this post.

The second blog post I was inspired by is “A Iconic Hero” by Mariam Ahmed.

I enjoyed her honesty and the openness on the factors that inspired her about Nelson Mandela. I also was not aware/ did not remember that he was in jail for most of the 1980’s yet once he was released he received a noble prize award…..that seems very backwards. But I love that he was an early supporter of equality and was a human rights activist.

These posts inspired me to continue to be transparent in my posts. To not worry about the depth or length of my posts but the quality and honesty. I respect individuals my age who can represent their opinions and support it with relevant information, they make for great debaters.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Danielle Erika