Introduction to DS 106!

Hello All! Happy Sunday. Welcome to my blog. My name is Danielle Erika Beard. I like to go by Danielle or Danielle Erika (hence why all my social media accounts say Danielle Erika).
I am thrilled to be in this course and to develop these skills. I took DGST 101 this past summer and I loved it. It was challenging and I learned so many new skills that will be so helpful in the future.

I will embed my social media info here:

So friend me or follow me; you know the drill! I have added the links and screenshots of my home pages/profiles on different media platforms to make it easier to find one another. Hope this helps.



Sound cloud:

My tweet has been very challenging to embed. I changed my account so that my tweets would be public and it wouldn’t embed. And I also tried a twitter publish query that I could not find a loop hole with.

The link above was the link where I tried to embed my twitter handle but it didn’t work.

This screenshot is where I embedded my tweet but the URL didn’t work with WordPress. Let me know If anyone knows how to help.

I will be using my personal twitter account for this semester because it is more efficient for me to use than creating another account so feel free to follow me.

I have already made introduction posts on all of these accounts so feel free to watch them i’m a mess (most of the time) but its very funny to watch. I had a good laugh.

Again thank you for reading my blog. I look forward to being inspired by my classmates and being introduced to new skills.

Thank you for your time. XOXO.


Danielle E. Beard