Making up some stories

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This post was very challenging for me to read and understand. I didn’t have any previous exposure to the concept of hypertext fiction and the idea of hypertext. It came to our culture in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and it transformed the concept of storytelling. It is also referred to as interactive fiction where a story is told from the movement of links/ or nodes. I had to do extra research to get a better understanding of the ideology which help enormously. I liked this reading because of how it was described and the visualizations I imagined in my head. Such as “It’s more accurate to think of hypertext fiction works as patchwork quilts of text than digital choose-your own-adventure stories. There have been a variety of conversations and arguments on this topic and these are still being uncovered. It is even referred to as “just one branch among many in a larger underground movement pushing at the boundaries of linear storytelling.” and it is pushing this movement to interact and develop in interesting ways. It “has changed the world, but it hasn’t changed literature yet” I think there is a lot of room for growth/establishment.

The Shapes of Stories:

I loved the length of this video and how the imaging was from the original presentation! I love videos similar to this. Initially it was difficult for me to pick up on, but it worked over time. I loved the clarity and sense of humor he carried with this information. I also thought it was extremely effective to utilize the curves on the chalk board to simplify a complex concept or conversation for some people. This is extremely relevant to our movies and shows that we currently engage in. These are the same basic decisions that our creators now are following.

The Machine is Us/ing Us.

I really enjoyed the constant editing and changing of this video. I love that format of concept videos. The coding section was a little too fast for my liking, but it was an effective way to communicate the information. I had a difficult time connecting the concepts together but for this course they add up and offer a lot of information for a 5 minute video. LOL. I think the author/creator of the video is saying the machine is using us to display thoughts, or interests, and send us messages to make certain steps. The machine could be biased just as we are, because of how we use it and have programmed it. Hence, the different types of computers and laptops. This video is also saying the technology is a replication of human thoughts, interests, actions and biases. The creator is suggesting we need to rethink some ideologies and decisions that we put into our digital identities and accounts.