1. The first task I was challenged with was to “Take a photo of a choice” my choice in this photo is a combination of choices. My dinner choice, some hard boiled eggs and cereal. My choice of flowers, which I bought from Giant. My choice to always have access to hand sanitizer so I put it on my kitchen table as to where I might use it most. Then the scent of candle that I have on my table; I bought it from Walmart because it is cheap (another choice) and the scent is Peach and Mango, which I light to help relax myself after a long day.
  2. The Second photo is to display what disappointment looks like. I wasn’t aware of where to start so I went to google for some inspiration. I did not edit this photo because I enjoy how flawed and raw it is.

3. The third challenge was to Make the subject Isolated against a bright background. I didn’t have any bright background options but I utilized the light of the candle to brighten up the area it was located.

4. the next challenge was to make a silhouette, I wanted to focus on objects instead of people, So I chose two different light fixtures to aim the camera at and see their “silhouettes”.

5. This challenge was rather time consuming because I love to edit my photos, so it took a while to choose one that I specifically enjoyed more in black in white. This photo is such a great capture of me at a brewery with my teammates trying out different beers since I have recently turned 21. My head is angled down toward the drink in order to see the braid in my hair. This focus adds a sort of aesthetic to it.

6. This shot was easy for me ! My roommate has a dog who is constantly moving and making sure everyone is safe. So in these images I am calling her to come to me where she is turning around in one image and in the other is jogging towards me.

7. The final challenge was to capture something that is “the dusty path of a dream”. For me my immediate thought was to take a picture of the object I utilize frequently that I am investing my time and research into currently. (outside of school of course). I chose to take an image of two rugby balls because I recently started playing the sport and I am determined to become a better player and I dream of being a highly valued player.

This activity was extremely engaging and challenging. I was overthinking a lot. I had to tell myself to focus on the simplicity of the project and to utilize my current environment. I loved taking pictures of the things around me and it gave me an increase in appreciation of the little things in my life.

Thanks for reading my blog.


Danielle Erika