Radio Show Progress on Week 1

This week our group meet in person and got a lot of work done. We went over commercials, bumpers, and our introduction and closing statements.

For our bumpers we took our initial bumpers and modified them with new sounds, and transformed our bumpers to fit our radio show!

We also assigned segments to each person: I will be talking about Whitney Houston’s song “I wanna dance with somebody”, Grace is talking about men’s culture trends in the 80’s, Carly is talking about women’s culture trends in the 80’s, Mckayla will be diving into the top 5 80’s songs. Next, Amy will be discussing the top 5 80’s movies.

This is an example of information that Carly will be analyzing in her segment of our radio show.

Each member submitted their audio files into a google folder, so that we could listen to them as we molded them into our radio show final project. We went over sounds, transitions, and timing on how we wanted to put our segments together and in what order. We also made sure to submit 3 bumpers, and 3 commercials.

We wanted to make sure everyone was engaged in this weeks projects so we assigned commercials to specific group members.

Mckayla- Lean Extreme Commercial

Carly- Landscape 911 Commercial

Amy- Delia’s Shampoo Commercial

Danielle and Mckayla- Mother Goose’s Nanny Commercial

I have been working on collecting everyone’s audio files, bumpers, commercials and segments etc and collaborating them into one file on audacity. I’ve been making sure to update everyone on my progress and what still needs to be sent to me to perfect our show.

We’ve been utilizing audacity and a variety of websites for our sound effects. We are pumped about our final project! Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Danielle Erika