Week 2 Radio Show Progress

This week was a blast. We loved compiling everything together and learning how to do that by utilizing audacity!

For this week everyone submitted their segments, bumpers, and commercials either to sound cloud and to the google drive folder or emailed them to me.

I utilized a website to convert the files to MP3 format in order to edit them and upload them to audacity. Which was so much easier and less stressful than expected.

Below is the link I used:


I also enjoyed the fact that in our meetings we outlined the segments and clarified the order in which we wanted our show to proceed in.

Below is a list of our segments:

Segment 1- Whitney Houston an 80’s decade celebrity!

Segment 2- 80’s Trends for Women and if they came back!

Segment 3- 80’s Trends for Men and if they came back!

Segment 4- Top 5 80’s songs!

Segment 5- Top 5 80’s movies!

Below is a screenshot of all the files that we converted and imported into audacity!

Below is our final product! Enjoy!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Danielle Erika