Week 2: Weekly Summary

This week was extremely interesting and engaging. This course was a lot more of hands on, time-consuming work than expected. Not saying I did not enjoy it. Luckily, throughout the week I felt confident in my skills to accomplish these tasks and did not hit many bumps in the road

Here are my daily creates:

Here are the links to my assignments this week:

The daily creates were interesting because I was able to quickly check my twitter and participate with my classmates. Many of the twitter posts for the daily creates instantaneously inspired me to answer the question posed from our professor. We did one for each day this week and my favorite was the music from the 80’s. It was not hard for me to choose Michael Jackson. Where there is an opportunity to represent him, I will.

Exploring the assignment bank was exhausting. To create five GIF’s to create a story line to explain my myth was super challenging. There is a variety of photos and tag lines to use and it was so hard to choose five to relate to our course theme. I feel that I do not know much about the 80’s decade except for what my mother lived and experienced. So I am living vicariously through her.

I have been interacting and participating with my classmates through reading their posts, their tweets and responding with creative suggestions. As embedded below.

These are posts that I commented on this week: