Weekly Report: Week 1

Week 1 was full of surprises.

This class has already been keeping me busy. Thankfully I had most of the accounts already created and I had been comfortable using them. Apparently, I thought I didn’t have a sound cloud account until I opened the page and began to set up an account. I then realized I had previously set up an account in high school that was connected to my Facebook account. So that worked out for the best.

Here is the link to my introduction post: http://danielleerika.net/Blog/uncategorized/introduction-to-ds-106/

Here is the link to my post on what the 80’s mean to us:

Here is some media I’ve created from this week:

I have been having a very difficult time this week trying to embed my tweets into WordPress. I have watched 3 tutorials and haven’t been able to pick it up. I posted my issues and lots of screenshots in my introduction post so please reference that if you may have the solution to my issue.

What was harder than you thought it would be?

Embedding my tweets! I was able to embed every other social media account besides twitter. Also, it’s a pet peeve of mine to make mistakes so this is stressing me out.

What was easier?

It was very easy to update all of my account information. Upload new pictures and information about myself. Also It was easy to upload my links to my blog and link all my social media accounts.

What drove you crazy? Why?

Not being able to embed my tweets. Because I use twitter regularly so I feel that I should be able to embed a stinking tweet. But I only use twitter on my mobile app, so utilizing it on a website is entirely new to me. I hate making simple mistakes and this clearly is one that I just can’t wrap my head around.

What did you really enjoy? Why?

I really enjoyed the project on comparing the 80’s to our current culture. As you will read in my other post, I love to learn. So taking the 80’s era and analyzing it on many levels (social trends like; music trends, clothing trends, gaming trends, etc.) was extremely intriguing to me. Plus it reminded me of my mother because she graduate from high school in 1982. So it hit home for me and became very personal on many levels.

Thank you all for reading my post. Feel free to reach out on any of these platforms to make suggestions or even criticisms.

Thank you for your time. XOXO.


Danielle E. Beard