Who said What?

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I chose two quotes and an image from one of my favorite movies. I chose to format these in this direction because it keeps you engaged and not necessarily just reading. The image is very intriguing and has a lot of things going on inside of it. These agents are all male, working as a secret agent to accomplish certain tasks. I immediately thought about John Wick as an agent because the 3rd movie in his series was the last movie I have seen since school started. In my opinion, on the basic concepts these agents are similar and can get confused. I look at these agents as a modern version of the latter. What are your thoughts?

Quote 1: “There are rules.”

Quote #2: “What makes you think this is my first time?”

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Danielle Erika

My answers:

Quote 1- John Wick

Image – John Wick

Quote 2- James Bond