Health Communication Podcast!

For this assignment I chose to do a creative project and utilize my media production techniques to engage our listeners with the information utilizing social media.

For this project, I utilized a variety of media editing tools. Such as, Audacity, many google searches, google drive and sound cloud. As seen below, the podcasts were all edited on audacity then they were uploaded to sound-cloud where users could listen and download the information. The chosen articles and transcripts are also provided in this post.

Below are the podcasts I chose to submit for this assignment:

  1. Social Media and Health Communication Podcast:
  1. Social Media; Transcript and Article Source:

2. Vaccination Research Podcast:

2.Vaccination; Transcript and Article Source:

3. Health Literacy Podcast:

2. Health Literacy Transcript and Article Source:

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you all enjoyed this learning experience as much as I did.


Danielle Erika