Making the World a Better Place Reflection

  • Choice of question: Our choice of question was: Are children reading less? For this project I found there is a lot of misinformation on the web where people are arguing for both sides inside of their own papers. There is also a large lack of information from recent studies as of 2019. The most recent article I found was from 5 years ago. Alot of new technology comes out in that time frame. My belief is that technology provides a great challenge for children’s interest or lack there of in reading.
  • Quality of explanation: In my research I highlighted that financing/funding, availability of resources, as well as lack there of parent interest/ investment in their child’s education are the causes of the decline in children’s reading habits.
  • Quality of Sourcing: All of my sources are highlighted in bright yellow at the bottom of the page but I have provided them here as well for a quicker reference.

  • Breadth of sourcing: I provided a wide variety of sources, from both older and more recent research based posts. I think this adds a clearer image of where the trend is going and where it has come from. The statistical data clarifies the severity of the situations across a variety of locations based off of socio-economic status.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed doing this project and researching these information. I currently work at a preschool, so reading this is extremely relevant to me and my every day life. Reading to children or having them read to you is a skill that can be implemented in the preschool education system and has continually been overlooked. So I am grateful for this knowledge and the opportunity to study something I find interesting.

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