Module 3 Phase 1

Hello all and happy Monday! This week we have been assigned to choose a Digital Methodology Module, and I selected “Text Analysis”.

I chose this topic because I love to read. I have enjoyed reading novels since I was in elementary school. I’ve read a wide variety from Nancy Drew, to historical fiction novels, novels for school and many popular fiction novels. For this project I am choosing to research the novel “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer because it is one of my favorites of all time. Next I have chosen to research the most popular books in 2019, choose one I do not know much about and compare them through the “Voyant Tools” link. With this I am learning how computers can assist in analyzing literary texts, and practicing using different tools for text analysis.

These skills are useful in the future for my education. If I am planning to pursue a master’s degree I need to be able to do in depth research, cutting out un-reliable sources at a high-speed. To me, this is my future. Who knows one day I could become an editor where I am constantly researching information and correcting others mistakes. Not only does it influence me but others who practice these skills on a daily basis find these sources useful for their daily lives.

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