Module 3 Phase 3

Hello all and Good evening.

For this week I chose “Text Analysis” to work on for the Digital Methodology Modules project. Also referred to as Module 3. I cannot believe we are already on Module 3! I loved doing this module. For a few reasons, I love to read, I love word maps, and I love to learn new things. So utilizing this link to compare a book I have read a million of times and comparing a book I had never heard of was both challenging and very intriguing.

What I learned: From utilizing this link our Professor challenged us to research a book we knew well and analyze it from the Voyant tool website. Then take that and compare it to the analysis we learned from researching a book we did not know well. The two books I chose were “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyers and “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelidas.

Based off of the word maps the novel Twilight, is about two people who are in love, there are vampires in the novel, and they get to know each other through reading books and other people.

Based off the word maps the novel The Silent Patient, is about Alicia and theo, someone is a patient/ or is patient, one person likes to read, it is a mystery novel, it is a shocking novel with a lot of twists and turns that intrigue its readers causing it to be successful.

What I built: I did a google search of an online copy or online analysis of my favorite book “Twilight”, I copied and pasted it into the URL provided by our professor and analyzed my results.

Why it matters: This is something useful in the day to day life when looking into data. It helps companies make decisions, choose what is popular/or what people are interested in and what they respond too. It helps to analyze readers, or customers in certain cases. It also provides an insight into the writers mind giving their readers an intriguing way to read and analyze the text which the author utilized to create someone’s favorite novel! It’s extremely pleasing to the eye!

Enjoy my video blog!

Thank you all for reading my blog.

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