Week 5 Participation and Reflection Report

This week has been surprisingly an excellent week. I had time to gradually work on assignments and perfect them in the way that I wished them to be. I gave myself time to dwell on what I wanted my project to be on and not be on. I also learned how to relax my body and mind and be able to enjoy the stress and juggle of being a full time student and full time employee. It is often easier in certain times than others. Again, everyone is different but for me I thrive under pressure and I love exceeding professors, employers and my peers expectations.

This week I enjoyed challenging myself by being more open and comfortable in my own skin. This was extra challenging as I am posting these moments of laughter or silliness online where many people can watch. I have learned that, people love to see you be open and true to your own being. Its what draws viewers to you.

This week I overcame stress and organization issues by again, utilizing reminders to write down due dates and assignments I needed more time or help on versus others. Also, I learned that certain types of music help me relax while others help me focus and kick out my work. Most importantly, I am learning on how to get my body and mind to relax and enjoy school in the way I want too.

Lastly, I did learn more about my work habits. I have learned to focus on relaxing myself, and allowing myself to have a level head/clear mind when doing important projects. I pushed myself to get done what I needed too outside of school that way I wouldn’t get distracted while completing these last assignments.

This week has been very difficult for me in a time management stance. This was probably my biggest task. Mainly meeting online with my group to discuss things and clarify miscommunications was something that felt impossible to accomplish. All in all we worked well together, we did not (or at-least I did not) have issues speaking my mind, and editing other peoples work. I love challenging other people by hearing what they know, and presenting my knowledge on it and either disagreeing or finding a common ground in which we can move forward. For this project there was some miscommunication on my part when reading the directions which was extremely stressful for me.

My group was excellent with being flexible and being dedicated to the course regardless of our outside lives. I loved learning about YouTube and going outside of my comfort zone and posting videos to my channel. As well as recording myself with a video blog. I haven’t done that besides using Face Time and usually you’re not being recorded. These video blogs do make me wish I had a new laptop with a better camera.

This week I overcame this stress and time issues by writing reminders, and prioritizing what needed to get done immediately versus what could wait. This helped me realize how much I care about school and the toll it takes on me mentally. This also showed me the room for growth I need to address when dealing with stressful school situations and doing research on how to handle it.

Lastly, I learned more about my learning/ work style. I learned that I love to take charge and delegate. I love to watch people utilize their creativity to develop their own practices and make their own decisions. Yet, I enjoy being the individual to inspire people when they come to me to look over things.

All in all, I am extremely grateful to be apart of my group and of this course. So, thank you all for helping me learn new things about myself.

All things considered, I have been extremely grateful for the experiences this course has given me. The struggles, the successes and moments of despair. Thank you all for allowing me to learn more about myself.

Thanks for reading my blog.


Danielle Erika